The unique ocean waters of the Salish Sea offer exceptional benefits. And the promise of World Heritage Site recognition offers substantial long-term protections of our cultural and natural inheritance, and the outstanding universal values we share.

With your help, we can have the Salish Sea nominated as a World Heritage Site.

A special place

The Salish Sea is the marine equivalent of the Great Bear Rainforest, which was recently recognized by the Queen, Premier and Prime Minister for its rich biodiversity, critical habitat and the ancestral culture of the First Nations and indigenous peoples it has contributed to. The Salish Sea is a legacy we need to protect for one and all.

A moment in time

This is a pivotal moment in how the Salish Sea 'comes of age'. We have 3000 species calling our unique marine environment home, some ancient and only recently discovered like the glass sponge reefs. And we have 8 million people living along the shores and surrounding region, with more coming every day. This is our time, our chance to protect the people and places of the Salish Sea.

Our shared inheritance

The Salish Sea is a window on our shared inheritance, the significant history, culture and nature of the west coast. And Canada's 150th birthday provides a timely reminder of our values, the majesty of creation, the beauty and diversity of nature, as well as the journey's and discoveries that inspired the birth of our country. The Salish Sea embodies all we hold dear of Canada and the world's heritage.

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Photos: Cristina Mittermeier, SeaLegacy